Anna Hudson

Hi! I’m Anna, a Denver, Colorado-based lifestyle and interior photographer with an insatiable desire to see the world. I was named after my great-grandmother, who emigrated from Germany, which is why Anna rhymes with Ghana and not banana. I’m also an Enneagram 7/ENFP, and promise to quote The Office and Arrested Development during our shoot and will show you photos of my dog.

Growing up I wanted to be a gymnast, then a wedding dress designer, then an interior designer, and finally became a photographer. While my Dominique Moceanu dream only lives on at CrossFit, my education in and appreciation for design give me a distinct perspective and eye for detail when photographing interiors and architecture. The best part of any shoot is the storytelling I get to do. Photographing beautiful spaces and innovative creators and foreign cities and cultures - these are stories worth telling.

Let’s tell them well.