I first connected with Ginny through a Facebook group for lady photogs here in Colorado, and I'll be honest, it was her long, wavy, blonde locks that first caught my eye and gave me the idea of doing an in-home, lifestyle session with her. She and her husband, Tony, graciously invited me into their home one summery, Sunday morning to capture some moments of them naturally. Or as naturally as possible with a photographer following you around.

Ginny and Tony shared mugs of coffee and whispers of what they were most proud of in the other, I love yous, and tender glances (and maybe also, "Thanks for doing this"). I learned Tony was in the Air Force, served several deployments overseas, and earned a Purple Heart for his bravery and service. They are the proud parents of two little girls, and the quiet love they had for them and one another seemed to come forward as we shot. 

Thank you, two, for such a sweet, in-home session!

Also, I just had to make my first original GIF after seeing these photos in succession. So here you go