Lifestyle family portraits at Waneka Lake

First off, welcome to the blog! This is my very first post, and I'm so excited it's of the Wordens. Hillary reached out to me after I did a mini session with her cousin's family, and we set up a sunrise time at Waneka Lake in Lafayette, CO. Our morning could not have been sweeter; Waneka Lake is beautiful, we had lovely sun rays coming through the trees, we found a million sticks to throw in the lake, not to mention a dock [safe] and suitable for curious littles. The thing I love about lifestyle sessions is the ease and reality going into them. Did Harper and Finley cry a few times? Of course. Did Finley need a bottle halfway through? You bet. Did the girls try to eat or throw every twig and rock they saw? Absolutely they did. That's real life! But the girls were also so fun and sweet and inquisitive - beautiful little tomboys with curls and smiles and dresses, which I love. I got to witness Derrick and Hillary parent and love and laugh with their babes for an hour and am honored they invited me into their life for a summer morning at a golden lake. Thank you, Wordens!

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