Mike and I met last summer shortly after I moved to Denver, and his motorcycle has been a topic of conversation since then. Let's talk specs for a second: This is a 1976 Honda CB750F Super Sport. I may not know a lot about bikes, but I know this one's beautiful. Mike said he worked three paper routes to save for the bike and bought it from a neighbor before he was old enough to get a license. He wanted to get photos with it (before he lost his figure), so we set out south from Castle Rock in search of great light and dirt roads, and Colorado did not disappoint. We found our way to Sedalia, stopping along back roads to snag photos, and whatever road we ended up on gifted us an unreal sunset.

I have to brag about this shoot's fashion for a second too. Mike showed up sporting Topo Designs Work Pants, Grifter Company leather gloves, a Topo Designs klettersack (not pictured), and a Whiskey Grade denim jacket. It was like a genie granted me a wish. We've since been featured on Founded USA, Whiskey Grade, Whiskey Grade Denver,, and The Portrait Collection. 

I've been posting photos from this shoot here and there, so you may have seen some of these already, but I had to do a full post, because muscles, motorcycles, beards, tattoos, cigarettes, and sunsets. Every photoshoot's dream team. Enjoy!